Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Our friend, H, babysat the house, cats and fed the fish.  She greeted us at the door with: "I've got terrible news to tell you!"  She was distraught...and we feared the worst!
She had arrived a half hour earlier to find the aquarium totally clouded with... fish remains, and ALL of the fish floating.  The only live one was the plecostomus.
Her father arrived soon after, and while H was out back retching in the yard, he "fished" out the deceased and had attempted to dispose of them in the toilet.  But not so fast!  For whatever reason, our water was off!?! Nothing in the sinks or toilet.  How can this be; we just arrived home from "camping"!!!  (This has happened probably once in the past 17 years... and I'm only saying that because I don't remember it EVER happening.)  So as she explained the tragedy, papa S showed off his plastic bag of dead fish.
"It's fine," we said!  They've been there for years and we never could figure out why they wouldn't die! I routinely cleaned the tank every 6 months. So that's the end of the aquarium.  With the unslightly (read: stinky) water, even the plecostomus met his maker and we now have some more floor space!

It's JUST the fish... I thought the cats had gotten into my stash!


  1. Eeeeewwww...I've had some housesitting misadventures before, but thankfully, none involved fish remains. erk...

  2. i always wondered whether it was possible to get emotionally involved with fish as pets, as much as it is possible with cats and dogs?


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