Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home Alone

What can I do with a few days, and extra room to spread out?  First, I decided I needed to get rid of stuff!  What a noble project.  A closet? A drawer?  A shed!? 
I've been giving thought to my extensive stash of yarn, and then I remembered my "other" stashes...  I'll name only one: Fabric, left over from two decades of quilting.  (I wasn't knitting...)  
What am I going to do with all that fabric?  I know: Donate it, OR make something.  
I spent yesterday pulling all my fabric out of its hiding places in bins. I sorted it into colors.  And I figure I can sew up a quilt top, and sit and quilt in front of the TV ALL winter. 
I selected a colorway, and beginning in the middle, free form, (that is: NO pattern in mind) started to sew pieces together.  That's fine for the middle of a quilt, but from the middle, the quilt size grows... Yep, every time!  Hopefully I'll know when to stop!
Here are 3 placements of my triangles.  Feel free to comment.  BTW, I took the pictures NOT because I wanted to bore my blog readers, but so I could get a good view of the patterns.
I get a little too creative
A little too stripey: Why did I cut all the fabric?
This looks a little more orderly, AND like a quilt pattern.
Boring!  Now I'm stuck.
Lest you think I strayed, I have two huge bags of fabric to go to charity, and a lesser amount in the trash.  Still have 3-4 quilts' worth of fabric stashed.

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  1. I do like the third one best...but Door #1 is a very close second. I'll be interest in seeing which one you choose!


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