Monday, July 26, 2010

Yarn Crawl Finale

Yes, all good things come to an end.  It's time to knit, isn't it!!!

Day Six:
Covering 3 states today, we made an early dash to Green Mountain Spinnery.  A few days ago KE showed me this pattern book and I knew I had to find it: 


We tracked it down in the shop in Putney, Vermont arriving in the morning. Amazingly there is a cache across the street from the spinnery, and it was difficult for me to decide which to go to first.
With GPS in hand I decided to have a look for the cache first.  It was wasted time... I couldn't locate it.  I was sure I found the hiding place, but there was nothing there.  I even went back after shopping in case someone in the parking area had it but it still hadn't appeared.  So, back to the yarn crawl.

We were surprised that the spinnery is huge, and the shop is...well, tiny! 

 And the most tempting of yarn is their New Mexico Organic Wool.  

New Mexico Organic:  100% Fine Wool grown in New Mexico & Certified Organic by the NM Organic Commodity Commission Processing Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers 2-ply DK Weight 2 oz. skein Approximately 180 yards

Somehow, it just seems wrong to purchase New Mexico grown wool in Vermont, when I'll be back in NM later in the week.  But, P didn't see anything wrong with it and she made plans to knit and purchased the wool for a pullover (East Putney Aran, page 6 in the above book).  Yummy NM wool dripping with lanolin.  Definitely rain-proof!

Then we headed south, crossing into Massachusetts, seeking out the Mecca of all yarn shops:  WEBS

How does a yarn shop get the www address  I forgot to ask, and I don't care.  I just know that I love their website, and their huge stock, and now I know why.

Home of Valley Yarns and my... Lions, Tigers and Bears! What a dangerous place!!!!!
One of the many endless aisles in the warehouse... Yes, you can shop in the warehouse, silly!

Where the aisles are numbered 100, 200, 300, etc.
Beaded socks...
Beaded cuffs...
Who can resist? Not I!
I purchased pattern and yarn for this great cardigan:  Sojouner Cardigan

I didn't take pictures of the weaving room... It was so inspiring that I am sure I can use up beaucoup time and yarn at home, relearning how to set up my loom.
We were lucky we got out alive! 

Next stop: NYS and finding a home for our lovely wares.

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  1. What I really want to know is...why are all the best yarn shops on the east coast????? What a wonderful trip you had!!!


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