Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where in the World?

N 38 13' 43.0"
W 000 31' 29.3"
Try these coordinates in Google Earth and look me up!

N 38 is just a little North of Farmington, and W 000 is...  West, barely of the Prime Meridian.  I was surprised!

And here's what it looks like around here.
I'm madly hoping that the internet stays connected... been a little troublesome.
The view from our roof terrace.

And the front of our "apartment".  It's a quad-plex building, with 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, and roof top patio.  Exactly 2 minutes to the pool.  Miles from the beach.

Driving in city center: Alicante (no, I wasn't driving at this particular moment...but minutes prior I was going around this round-about, mmm, more than once...)

An interesting shopping experience with bovine.  Maybe making a get-away from Burger King!

View on the way back from shopping.  Huge "villa" development.  Doesn't seem crowded though!

I spend my days chauffeuring C and H to Intensive 4 hour a day Spanish classes.  Mostly I hope for this:


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  1. Beautiful scenery and even more beautiful child!


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