Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weather: Live with IT!

Unexpected sunny weather in Norway for over a week! Statistically this is a one of the rainiest place on Earth.  The talk amongst us was:  What nice weather to remember Norway by, now that we are leaving for a year.  Then BOOM!  Friday hit, two days to go, and it turned rainy, and by the time we left the flat, and went to two birthday parties on our last day, it was not only rainy, but down-right COLD (especially by my June standards).

Rainfall in May for USA varies greatly.  That was a link to show that some places got up to 20 inches of rain for the month, while in the high desert SW we got soaked this year with 1/2 inch.
For Bergen, there's often rain every day.  Sometimes it gets to be contest, and the citizens begin to cheer it on towards another new record.  That's usually in the Fall though... so here's what I found about Bergen.

 May is the best month for tourists in Bergen! And looks like the same as the rainiest days in the States. When it comes to the whole year, Mobile takes the prize in the States (2007), and Bergen comes in at ±88 inches for the year. (A bit more impressive than the reported 66 inches in Mobile.)

Not only is Bergen the warmest city in Norway, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, but it is also probably the wettest. In fact, so well known has the city become for its high rainfall that at one stage an entrepreneur posted umbrella vending machines in the streets. Bergen's annual average precipitation is 88 inches (2250mm), and most of this falls as rain. Summers are pleasantly mild to warm, and in winter temperatures generally remain above freezing, although stiff breezes and high humidity may make it feel colder. Snow falls on odd days, and is generally not more than 10 cm deep. 
Moving on to Spain, we can expect less than an inch in the month of June! Now that's more like it!  
Arrived this morning, leaving in coldish weather, at 5 AM with some of the last party-goers.  Two of them hitched a ride with our taxi, and they didn't get the 5 hours of sleep that we did.  We were a bit disappointed to see the weather reported in Alicante at 21ºC and rainy.  But there's none of that... And I easily could set up shop on the roof top for the next 2 weeks.
Or maybe a little shade...?

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