Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To A One-Year Old

Dear Juju,
I always try to answer, but I don't always know what you are saying.  Poor Grandma, listens to your wonderfully complex sentences, and wonders what you are thinking after one-year of breathing air.

Grandma chases you at a snail's pace, as you scoot around the floor.  She changes smelly diapers for you, not because you ask, but out of our own comfort zone.  You discover something new everyday, with or without Grandma's help.   What a joy it is to discover 2 plastic cups that fit together, and doubly fantastic that they have lids!

Do you know about the word "no"?  You look at little piles of dirt, or the plants, or the computer cords, give us big people a questioning look, and shake your head.  How cute is that?  You seem to wait for the "no" word, and then choose to go elsewhere.

Grandma has renewed her interest in Norwegian "barnesanger", teaching clapping, and hoping for a sound from you that is similar to singing or saying a word she can recognize.

Your big smile with four teeth, your fine blonde hair, your peek around objects or corners to make eye contact, your own coded language that you use everyday (sometimes we give in and join you with the babbling), and the swaying to music, make this one year a bright one for me.

Let's go for a walk... stroller or back carrier?  Beach or pavement?


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  1. Such a beautiful little girl. And the shoe picture is priceless - there's just nothing in the world cuter than baby shoes... Enjoy these days - they grow up fast! :-)


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