Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On SEMI-vacation!

First a housekeeping note:  I have tried and gotten someone obsessed with blogging something for every day. As annoying as this might be, I thought it a meritorious accomplishment.  However, it has been brought to my attention that in the next month and a half, I will not be attached at the hip to a computer nor wifi, so I've decided to wean myself off a bit.

My knitting has slowed a bit too, due to a little body needing attention (and I can't say no when she talks to me so...) and I feel the need to be out and about.  So I'm going to be posting only on days that have "R" in them...in Norwegian.
Here's the week:  mondag, tirsdag, onsdag, torsdag, fredag, lørdag, søndag.  Still a noble challenge for all of us, I would say!
This little trick was a flash back to the past:  My husband had a Norwegian friend who in the 70's insisted that they drink only on days with an "R". What a friend!! There's also a guideline (in Norway) that you are NOT to eat mackerel in months with an "R".  I noticed mackerel at the store a few days ago.
So, fine blog readers, I'm giving you a little summer break!
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Lovely picture - what a sweet, happy baby!!! Seems to me I remember something (Jewish dietary law, perhaps?) about how you're not supposed to eat seafood in months that do NOT have an "R" in them. Looking forward to your sporadic adventures in Norway. ;-)


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