Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lickety Split Toes

After carrying my bamboo socks trans-Atlantic a few times, and being very poorly inspired to knit socks with the same yarn for the 3rd pair,
Bamboo socks timeline:

  1. Cast on, July 5, 2009, in a fit of boredom.
  2. Carry in bag or purse, just in case of boredom on trans-Atlantic flights.
  3. Carry other more interesting projects.
  4. Finish toe, start a cool self-created yo design.
  5. Take it out once a month, try to re-create self-created yo design.
  6. Hurry through short-row heel (March), so it will be ready for more boredom moments on trans-Atlantic flight.
  7. Notice that self-created cool yo design seems to twist to the right.
  8. Tell myself it will be fine...just a pair of boredom socks...
  9. Hurry through ribbed cuff (May), so second sock will be ready for more boredom... (see #6)
  10. Find other patterns and yarn I would rather knit.  (See Ravelry.)
  11. Bind off. (June)  One sock completed.
Stage (sock) two:
  1. Due to a mother's concern, seeing her daughter with thong-type birkenstocks, and no socks... mother suggests maybe daughter would like a second pair of split-toe socks.
  2. Wheels turn: Intend to cut off the toe of finished sock and finish as split-toe.
  3. Cast on big toe and large toe cap with intention of creating matching sock.
  4. Toe sections finished, start to re-create self-created cool yo design.
  5. After 5 rows, unsuccessfully re-create yo design, or maybe it just isn't so cool anymore.
  6. Frog and find REALLY cool printed pattern!  
  7. Almost to cuff ribbing!
  8. Goal: To finish before July 5, 2010 making them the "One Year Socks".

Name that pattern...anyone?

There's a very good chance that these socks will not match...

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