Friday, June 4, 2010

Landmines & Leprosy

Only in Norway would these topics be exhibited.  Awareness is #1 for Norwegian culture. They travel, they do things, and they often bring home a completely opposite world to the one they live in.
Within 100 yards of this apartment is the Leprosy Museum. And for the next few weeks there is a special exhibit called "Miss Landmine" Cambodia.  It's a great project created by a Norwegian photographer, and what a perfect place to display it than the Leprosy Museum.

The concept is to raise awareness of the landmine situation and to show how beautiful these women are.  We are aware that a little makeup, and a pretty dress makes us into models, and this is what was done.  Dresses were donated, women posed, and you have a show! I was a bit skeptical when C said she wanted to go, and being around the corner... and free... what I learned: Young women's lives were changed because "someone" left behind an object that was sold for $3-$18. I'm glad I went.  You can see them here, and read about the flap it caused in Cambodia.

I'm sure your next question would be: What's with the Leprosy Museum?  Little known fact: Bergen was THEE place for leprosy hospitals.  And one of those hospitals is now the Leprosy Museum.  

You can envision people in various stages of leprosy through pictures and writings, see where they lived and read their stories.  Plaster casts were made of some of them. And a chapel is attached, which is where the Miss Landmine Exhibit is displayed.

What more could Bergen offer?  An extensive list of options for Tourists.  Check out the Dark and Grief Tourism section... yep! What about a Rhododendron Maze?  
And pretty knitted curtains:

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  1. I couldn't quite get on board with the leprosy museum...but Miss Landmine broke my heart. How true yet how easily forgotten is the fact that beauty does NOT equal perfection.


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