Saturday, June 19, 2010


Day 5 in Spain and finally got the weather, time, and camera coordinated. Took pictures of our place and the area and the beach or maybe I should say the shoreline.

 The sky is clear and the bluest of blues until you see the sea. Then it pales to the color of the water. Very inviting if you enjoy waves and salt. Not wasted on me though since I still like to look at it and smell the air.
I'm anxious to post my pictures yet we are suddenly not connected to the Internet.
Yesterday I made my way into the center of the city, braving traffic and missing turns to shop at a huge department store. My mission was to locate the cheapest stroller in town however I didn't shop at the cheapest place in town. The store was more like a Macy's on 9 floors.
Today my own personal mission was to get to the sea. I got the car dirty and I was splashed a bit by the crashing waves on the rocks.
With three grandparents to babysit I feel like I'm on vacation!

Here's Paella for 6:
And the Scandinavians ready to dig in!

Next we need a little (and I mean little) vino tinto.  Boxes in all sizes:

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