Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dress 'em Up!

That's what little ones are for!  Especially when Grandma can't help but make things to order.

The picot dress by Debbie Bliss has been a challenge.  First of all, I read too many Ravelry comments about how it had to be tweaked, especially the bodice.  And then, of course, I wanted to use my cotton/silk blend that was left over from the lace tunic. Same color as mommy, right?  And it was a different weight than in the pattern, so after a false start to fix gauge on the skirt, I probably ripped out of the bodice 5 times.  It was miles too big, and then just big and finally I pared it down where it was too small.  The "too small" part was discovered by the actual modeling. Luckily, or more like it, I was so unsure of myself, I never finished the trim (picot) on the bodice, so it was easily ripped back.
That picot trim is the best... it definitely makes it into a gorgeous little garment. I added an owl instead of a pocket.  And buttons.  You gotta love buttons!

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