Friday, June 11, 2010

Choir from London

Went to a choir concert last week. Because it was around the corner at the Bergen Cathedral, and I saw it posted on the sign outside as I walked by last week, you can't beat the convenience.  And of course C, H, and J needed a little alone time.  It's the five minute walk I love to get to the best acoustics, especially when I thought... choir, OK, that will be good.  Then I saw that it was "free"... hmmm.  THEN, the program in my hand announced a boy's choir from Southwark Cathedral, London.  Wow!  What did I stumble upon? If was fantastic.  The sound of those high boy voices.  There were 11 men and 19 boys.  The director, and an organ who was great too.

They started with early music, featured individuals in a quartet, a boy soloist, and 1-1/2 hours of great stuff!  I can see why going to church in a stone cathedral is a religious experience!

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