Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can't Stop Geocaching!

I have been geocaching for 4 years and even though people think I do it ALL the time, I've only found my 192nd cache on Friday.  I was especially proud to say that I understood enough of the description in Spanish, that I had a good idea of what I was looking for.

Because I had relatively good luck on Thursday, I stopped along a beautiful stretch of walkways along the beach to see what else I could find. 

 Some local Spanish geocacher hooked me by placing 5 caches in a row along the coast, right between Alicante and Gran Alacant (where we are staying).  I did numbers 4 and 5, and knew I had to continue.  So numbers 1 and 2 were logged without much ado.
Here's what made them relatively easy:  I had to find this mark to tell me I was at ground zero.

It helps a lot that there weren't a whole lot of people around.  Sometimes I could reach the cache from the walk and other times it involved climbing through the fence... very attractive to watch I'm sure.

The bag is mine.  The pill bottle is the cache; just big enough of a rolled up log and tiny bit of pencil.

This is what my activity log looks like for the past month:  (My geo-name is "Felles".)

Found it06/25/2010Felles found  1 - PASARELA ARENALES DEL SOL (ALICANTE) TO LISBOAComunidad Valenciana, SpainVisit Log
Found it06/25/2010Felles found  2 - PASARELA ARENALES DEL SOL (ALICANTE) TO LONDONComunidad Valenciana, SpainVisit Log
Dropped Off06/24/2010Felles placed  Treble Bug in Playa del CarabasiComunidad Valenciana, SpainVisit Log
Retrieve It from a Cache06/24/2010Felles retrieved  Bull's Suncompass Geocoin from Playa del CarabasiComunidad Valenciana, SpainVisit Log
Found it06/24/2010Felles found  Playa del CarabasiComunidad Valenciana, SpainVisit Log
Found it06/24/2010Felles found  4 - PASARELA ARENALES DEL SOL (ALICANTE) TO BERLINComunidad Valenciana, SpainVisit Log
Found it06/24/2010Felles found  5-PASARELA ARENALES DEL SOL (ALICANTE)TO REYJKAVIKComunidad Valenciana, SpainVisit Log
Found it06/03/2010Felles found  The Bergen Code #2          Hordaland, Norway

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