Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Birthday of the Year!

In my defense:  There WAS a party.  It was in Spain! My little one-year-old granddaughter looked gorgeous, and you will be agog of the decorations!  This is in response to me being a cold-hearted "packer" and giving some unpopular advice.

C had some woeful comments on Friday June 11.  A combination of trying to do EVERYTHING at once, and leaving an entire life behind. Yes, H was looking for his driver's license.  I was in the next room and I wonder why I didn't hear a thing!?  After he left, I got up and was shocked to see wall to wall clothing on the floor.  And yes, my immediate reaction was...
What was she thinking?  I thought she was going to be conservative
about clothing.  I thought I would help by at least folding the
clothing, and then I decided I may as well make piles of everyone's
stuff, and then I thought I would let C put it back into the suitcase
and pack.  I saw how hard it is for C to decide on what to take for
Juju and I gave some advice, yet there was NO coercion, and I felt like it was C's decision in the end. (OK. Maybe I got a little vocal about the birthday dress.)  There were lots of clothing with tags still on them.  And about
half went back into the suitcase.  Juju will NOT be naked this year!
Of course, we are going to see things to buy too!   A
pile was made to leave here, and hope they still fit in a year. A pile
was made for M's little girl (England).  And a pile of used, get
rid of.  Unfortunately, the "birthday" dress is huge!  I tell you,
huge! for a little girl. Yards of material! It fits, but will certainly fit next year
too.  I told her I would buy another "etsy" $45 hand-made dress next year if it
didn't fit, and to be fair, I didn't know (until I read her blog) that
the rosettes were for us big people;  a beautiful touch, that only
Celina would think of.  It broke my heart when I read about it.  Of
course, her friends were/are wild (see comments), and mad at me for being so... heartless.
 They'll see that we'll have a party of all parties with decorations,
balloons, Mickey Mouse ears! and gosh... fancy dresses!  Aunt Torill arrived with a dress because she felt bad about the situation as reported by C.  And I'm surprised that her friends back in Bergen didn't send a "care package."

  And the cake!  We haven't even gotten to the confetti cake with whipped sugar icing (that I haven't made for probably 27 years).
You be the judge.  Here are some pictures! (Click to see all 24 photos!)

1st Birthday Celebration


  1. What a wonderful celebration. I loved all the photos, especially the little one peeking around the door!

  2. I dunno...looks like a pretty darn happy birthday to me. What a beautiful little girl!


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