Sunday, May 2, 2010


My favorite yarn:  ------------> (See my slide show above right.)

I'm sure I wouldn't have a knitting addiction if I didn't have a yarn addiction too.  You can see how much yarn I have stashed by the screen to the right.  And it's because I'm helpless...HELPLESS, I tell you, when I have the opportunity to put my fingers on yarn.

Like any addiction, you have to keep me away from it.  Unfortunately our local yarn shop, a mere 50 miles away, just closed 2 weeks ago.  Now I have to go to Maine and Norway to get my fix.  (Isn't that a pity?)

Here's (part of) my final purchase at the LYS:
Who could resist????

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  1. Hey, what's all that pink yarn going to be?? :)


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