Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What to carry, what to pack?

By the time you read this, it will be decided, but up to this point, I've been lying in bed at night considering being away from my stash for 7+ weeks.  I'm sure you can see my conundrum! 
It's not like I will be even 50 feet away from an LYS, but I have so MUCH... Of course, I'll return with a bag full. (I'll have room if I leave behind clothing...)
Looking through my queue, and magazines, I'm overwhelmed.  I've learned that on long flights, time flies (pun intended) when you are glued to an intricate chart--with headphones. 

Situation #1:  Travel duration (Trans-Atlantic flights and layovers) of 21 hours.  Needs a complicated sock project. Check!  I'll start my second sock for my only child.
 Situation #2:  Visiting almost one year old granddaughter.  Not a lot of time, but there will be sleepless nights!  Check!!  My daughter has a headless Mr. Foster waiting for me:

Situation #3: Three weeks later, I might need another project.  No check.  Thoughts:  Something from new Creative Knitting magazine.  Nice summer tops in cotton DK.  I happen to have some of that!

Situation #4:  Travel for 4 hours by plane.  Will the sock be finished?  Probably not, but maybe!

Situation #5: Trans-Atlantic flight: 14 hours.  During the "longest day" I'll need something to keep me occupied.  New project:

Situation #6:  Visit, 10 hour car ride (twice) and cruising the Maine coast... 

Situation #7:  Eight hours travel home.  

Of course there are Ken-Ken's and magazines, and sleep, but I'm happiest if I'm... knitting.
PS: What didn't make the cut? The gray handbag, and the teal sock yarn.  Created lots of space...

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  1. Hey, but at least the cake mix made the cut! :) See you SOON!! And I have other unfinished projects for you here, not to worry!


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