Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something Old, Now Something New

I haven't been only starting things... (even though I wish that was a worthy goal, sigh)
I finished a sock!  Maybe that isn't exactly finishing because it's one sock of two, but there's a feeling of completion since it's the same sock I cast on on my return trip from Norway in March.

It's the sort of sock where 
you I have to watch the chart all the time.  And it's the kind of chart I wouldn't be able to use on the Know It All bag.  It can only help you with repeated patterns up to 10 stitches. The Vilai sock is a symmetrical pattern on each side or a 32 stitch repeat. This link from Marguerite shows the huge difference yarn/color makes in pattern.

Now for the Old that has become the New!

Remember this, anyone?  I knitted this years ago (BR = Before Ravelry).  Lucky for me, and my obsessive mind, I started keeping a log of projects in April, 2008.  I was frustrated with myself for -- guess what--starting things, and returning to them years months days hours later, the needles missing, and having no idea what I was thinking!  Voila!  I have info on this Celtic Tote from Interweave Knits, Winter '07 (p. 98).  In the summer of '06, somewhere in Eastern Ontario, I bought roving, for the first and only time.  I really didn't know why or what I could do with it, but later, in the Spring of '08, I rounded up my knit group to help me un-ravel it.  It was in 5 plys, so I rolled it into single ply balls, and knitted it without spinning.  It felted beautifully!  I'm just dang lucky... I used Cascade in white for the trim.  
Knitted in May '08, finished May '10.  (All it needed was the lining...)

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