Monday, May 3, 2010

Selecting Music

The Ivories were complimented yesterday!  Sometimes things just work!!

I heard from many that the music was wonderful, asking for the name of tunes, and it really was something that people wanted to hear.  It makes me feel good. I always feel that part of my job is to make an experience that will bring people back a second time.  There has to be something that will hook a person into returning for another hour, and maybe even bringing someone else with them.

ME is my flutist that pulls off the best sounds... everyone loves flute music.  Sax, clarinet, trumpet, etc. someone can be offended, but flute?  Never.  It wasn't until Friday that I decided that since I hadn't heard from ME, but she was expected to play on Sunday, I better search through my library and find a few things to "suggest".  Rather than finding things that will go with sermons, I find things that will create a mood of uplifting, contemplation, prayer, melodies known and unknown.  (Often I make up titles to fit the mood I want to create. Who's to know? And the title starts the process of an image before the music begins and gives listening guidance.)

I chose music that was rather repetitious but soothing.  Rolf Lovland and his music called Smooth Stones: Secret Garden is written for violin and piano.  Last Fall, I had a violinist try it out and it was amazing--people were very excited about the feel.  It's similar to Celine and Andrea.  (Without all the shouting...)

Neo-classical is the term:  ME does it well, and there's nothing like live music to fit the moment. Not only inspirationally but in length. By this, I mean, knowing when to stop is very important, and when to have enough to fill the moment, too.  Somehow, it came out just right with our phrasing.  There's a certain amount of luck and experience that goes into that happening.

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