Monday, May 24, 2010

Nothing to "Owl" about!

I couldn't resist--as usual!
No resistance #1: I met a fellow knitter (A) through Ravelry, and discovered we live a mere 20 miles apart. By SW standards, we're neighbors. I invited A to join us some "knit night", however, alas, she hosts a knit night on the same night.  Finding that we don't always meet, I invited myself to hers along with friend, J, and we had a great experience last week.  
A is less than 1/4 of J's and my ages combined, yet she was refreshingly full of knowledge.  She is very Ravelry minded; I mean I thought I was obsessive, but she really knows her stuff, and takes advantage of it.
One of the things that impressed me was her "Owl" top.  Little miniature owls, some with pearl button eyes... Too cute!
No resistance #2:  That owl has to be mine... In the toddler dress in progress, I realized I had missed my chance, so I dropped 6 stitches down 12 rows and proceeded to knit an owl.  
What did you expect?  Maybe blocking some of the surrounding stitches will straighten it up, after all, I DID create this as an after thought... And the voting can begin:  Owl or Alien?  Eyes too big?  They can easily be reduced, and now as I'm staring at it, they will be reduced.

Thanks, A, for your inspiration!

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