Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not so Little...

I love Ravelry... the search feature is the main reason I take time to enter things, like stash, projects, books and magazines.  I searched for "animals" and it showed me that I had a Creative Knitting magazine with a pattern.  It looked so cute, and then...

The only reason I didn't throw in the towel was that I imagine that a cute face will fix everything.  I made the "Chou" figure, and when I got to the ruffle around the face, I discovered that casting on 174 stitches wasn't exactly the "little" thing I expected.  But I bravely went on and ended up with a monstrous amount of ruffle.  

Unfortunately, there are no instructions about attaching it to the head, except "see the picture"... (what kind of instructions is that?) and then it doesn't even show the back of the head.  So I'm going to tack it down and hope that my 11 month old won't mind!

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