Saturday, June 5, 2010

Euro Jump

One of those European crazes: Eurovision Song Contest.  It's a yearly event that is like American Idol only each country sends their best to compete for the top bragging rights. In 70's we called it Melody Grand Prix, and I think that's what the local contest is called.  I had to look up the history because I was sure it was a new thing 25+ years ago when we lived here.  And what I found is that it has been running for 55 years!  And 24 years ago, when we were living just south of here, in Stavanger, the Eurovision Song Contest was held here in Bergen!  This year, the first time since 1986, it was held in Oslo, and you could hear a pin drop on the streets on Saturday night.  EVERYone was home watching.  It's fun guessing who could be the winner... and the winner was:  Germany!  

Sometimes it can be a bit boring:  There were 39 countries entered and I only watched the first 17. It's a mixture of crazy costumes, questionable tone-deaf singers, jumping around wildly with the occasional love ballad. Noticeably memorable was Russia entry, two operatic men singing in English, the one singing, "What are you looking at?" and the other holding out a piece of paper with a sketch on it answering, "I am looking at her photograph." I remember that!

I watched the most exciting part on YouTube:  A "crasher" got on stage during Spain's performance and promptly was chased off with great flare!  It turns out that this guy does this sort of thing all the time at mostly sports events. (French Open, soccer tournaments) usually causing things to come to a halt while he is chased down, hand-cuffed and arrested. Didn't bother the singers/dancers in the least; they never stopped.

What was truly amazing was that he could possibly have been part of the show!  See for yourself:

He has quite the reputation and can be found all over.  Jimmy Jump's Wikipedia entry was updated by the end of the event.  The Oslo security were chastised for not reading his facebook page which posted that he was in Oslo that day. ;-O

And he has his own fan site!

I bet he doesn't knit...!!!!!

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