Thursday, May 6, 2010

The NEW Me!!

Who am I and where did I come from?

After my pregnancy, I suddenly turned into this mother-person! (1982)

 You would have thought I had dreamed of this role my whole life.  I hadn't... at 33 I became a mother overnight.  I guess it has to do with life and species preservation.  To make such a change to my mind-set, I would want more children, but no, I stopped at one, and had no thoughts of a second child.  I attributed that to being an only child of an only child, and relishing the attention one gets as a kid in a small extended family.

Change number two:  Once my daughter was on her feet, I never looked adoringly at babies again. My first change was a very temporary and discriminating change, because I again dropped the mommy act and for 26 years I almost dreaded the thought of becoming a grandmother.  Would I be able to take on another role? After all, I hadn't held many babies other than my own, and I certainly never encouraged anyone to hand over their infant to me to fondle.  Then...

Change number three:  Last July I took a glass elevator up to the fifth floor and there was my daughter with a newborn in her arms... (talk amongst yourselves--I'm all verklempt) (2009)

and I was another person again!  Now my little one is almost 11 months old and I love the feel of her.  Would I again be discriminating and see only one baby in my life? She's too far away to touch daily so have I taken on a substitute? (We skype often. I sing "our" favorite songs and taught her to clap.) But when my good friend wrote that she had just adopted twin boys, I leapt at the chance to hold them. 

Oddly, three days before I got word of the adoption (of course, they had been on a list for years) I heard a review of a book about the sleep habits of twins, and I found it really interesting.  What I gleaned from the interview is that twins are a handful!  Well, duh, you say, but it was recommended that you have a list of helpers, and I immediately knew what I had to do.  I may be a pest, but I'm at their disposal for a few hours a week.  I say, "I'm coming over on ... afternoon. Or would you rather I come some other time?"  So far, I've gotten my hands full, shopped and babysat while mom and dad went out to shop.  I feel useful, and I sure enjoy it!  The new me...(2010)

Lest you think that I'm cheating on my own granddaughter, let it be known that in her first year I have spent exactly 17-1/2 weeks with her.  That doesn't include the hours of Skype and it doesn't mean a few hours of visit time but 24/7 time.  Pretty good for making a connection that is 4,000+ miles away!!  (2010)

That's the NEW me!  (Knitting?  Another blog topic!!)

Call me, 


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