Friday, May 7, 2010

Ghetto Cooking

Not my term, but my daughter's.  Her extraordinary imagination remembers only disastrous highlights from our meals.  And then pounces on every lapse of good judgement.  Her blog yesterday (May 6th) was amazingly blameless of her mother.

I'm just saying:  Does anyone woman think highly of their mother's cooking?  I think it's a male myth, and then males turn around and become world class chefs!

C has more than once brought up the ONE AND ONLY TIME her mother fed her a frozen dinner and we were both ill later that night... My defense:  Not much, except I was working full time, living on a "reservation", trying to be a mother to a third grader, and hubby was away for a month.  I'm just saying...

My hubby is the best cook!  He's imaginative, and not afraid of comfort food, nor complex preparations.  I try to imitate him sometimes, with varying results.

Which dish belongs to me?  Can you guess?



Hard to imagine!  I pulled off a Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch without proper pie dough ingredients and by "building" my own pie plate! (See the foil?)
 Ahh!  Mom's Home Cooking!

#1 - C's marzipan decorated cake from a baking class.
#2 - M's famous Christmas Kransekake (Our friends SO look forward to it.)
#3 - Mom's Lemon Pie, making H a happy man!

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