Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There are lots of gadgets out there, and I try to be discerning... but the other day while looking for something I found myself attaching a "Blog Search" gadget.  You can see it to the right called "Search Previous Blogs".  I thought it might come in handy for me to see if I've been over-using a topic.  I saved it to my blog, and then didn't think about it, which means I didn't use it.
Yesterday, in a dull moment, I thought, "What's this about?" filled in the word "socks" and clicked "Search".
WOW, was I surprised!  I suddenly had everything in front of me, and not just my blog!  Try it! Remember some word or event that you know you saw somewhere?  This just might be your ticket to re-call.
I like it!  Have fun playing!

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