Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Day!

It's a wonderful day here!  Cloudless sky, 34ºF this morning, and best of all, NO wind.
Yesterday, the sky was gray with dirt from the wind, I stayed inside to avoid breathing problems, and my eyes were grainy. I knitted... and I waited... and momma's not happy when the Fed Ex delivery says 2 more days...  I'm SO sure my package will show up today, that I decided to break my silence, and admit I was wrong about it coming on Monday.  Yes, according to tracking the package had left the Denver terminal on Sunday afternoon, meaning it had to be in F'ton by Monday morning.  And it was there Tuesday morning, yet now it's Wednesday!  What do those people do?

I'm ready for the blocking:
But miles to go:
This is arm #1.  Construction?  The front and back in the top picture are connected by the skinny piece under the arm (attached to the sleeve in the lower picture).
I haven't heard from Vogue about my suggestion that there's a mistake in stitch count for the larger sizes.
Time for some piano time.  I'm replacing someone who was "fired" because they couldn't play a piece.  Hopefully I'll get it done. (gig on Saturday, meet with vocalist today)

Celina: How is my picture formatting?  Are you still editing?

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