Friday, May 28, 2010

Airport Travel

I'm the expert!  Yessiree... 5 airports in 24 hours.
Friendly personnel! At the ticket counter I heard an employee of Great Lakes Airline ask the man in front of me if he had been to Denver airport before, and when he said no, she took him aside, asked him if he was right or left handed (? don't know the point) and drew him a map showing how to transfer to another terminal.  Farmington is so tiny that even the TSA people speak with you. I like it because they open the bags and hand check everything.  I checked the backpack from Hxxx. There are 11 sets of buckles, 6 zippers, and several loops. (I'm sure they are cleverly placed, and I could use a user's guide. My bags are underutilized.)  I would completely understand if it arrived with straps ripped off, and sections of it missing, and always am completely surprised that I see it all at my destination.  Maybe gray and orange is difficult go astray? When I arrived, an hour before my flight, there were 2 people in front of me, the atmosphere is relaxed, the flight to LasVegas took off with 2 passengers, and I pulled out my yarn and cast on.  I had time for exactly the Estonian cast-on of 64 stitches for my sock.

 A 19-seater with a dozen passengers somehow makes for camaraderie and someone asked our pilot (who is also the flight attendant) if his father was the pilot.  We all chuckled nervously. Yes, he was young, and spoke up to ask if it was the passenger's first flight.  The pilot then added that it was his first, too. It was the smoothest flight over the Rockies I've ever been on, with a bit of turbulence on the approach at DIA.  This was the flight experience of the 50's which ends with a walk across 100 yards of parked planes to the gate in a section barely attached to the terminal.

Completely different atmosphere with thousands of people doing thousands of things, grouped into areas to wait, eating and shopping.  I didn't see anyone knitting...  Heading to the gate with a 3 hour wait, I detoured to the second floor to find the Paradise Bakery.  Seemed worth a visit, but I was only scoping it out for lunch since it was 9 AM.  I found the bakery, which had sandwiches and a long line, and... AND... I found the perfect knitting spot.  My body just doesn't like to sit yoga style on the floor, even in those rows of seats at the gate.  And here around a corner were lots of people quietly camped out in soft easy chairs, with addition (detached) side tables and most of them had great lighting!  Knitting Knirvana, I tell you!  The hours sped by, and suddenly I was ready for lunch and happy with my progress.

PS  It was light here (Bergen) until 11 PM tonight.  Oops I nodded off thinking of something else to say...

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