Sunday, May 30, 2010

Airport Reviews Continued - Trial O

Where I left off yesterday, I was in a bad mood, and I really wanted everyone to know how ticked I was with the whole past hour, but instead, I was seated next to a young Norwegian couple who were returning home from a wonderful, romantic, New York City long weekend-- calm and rested and totally at peace with the world.  Nothing to fuel my fire, so I listened as they recounted roller blading in Central Park and down to the Staten Island ferry, about kids at home, and the perfect long awaited vacation.  The roller blades had sat in a closet for many years waiting for just such a weekend.  Ahh, I said!  Something I will never do... and smiled!  I took out my knitting.
The flight to Oslo was quiet and uneventful.  I nodded off a few times, watched the movie "Up in the Air" and wished I could get uninterrupted sleep like the young woman next to me.  And I knitted.  Inches of sock, and I HIGHLY recommend a chart holder.  I felt like I was zipping along with my handy magnets keeping my place.  Really, why didn't I join the 21st century before this? (This sock is the first time I used the chart holder.)

Do airport managers TRY to make things inconvenient?  As we rolled up to the gate, I remembered this experience from 2 months ago (same trip itinerary) and began to think about the long walks and wait for baggage to clear customs, and the wait in line to barely connect to Bergen.  And there was indeed exactly all that, except my flight to Bergen was long gone by the time I got to the counter for check in.  I swear, the airport can't be that big, but our flight arrived at one end of the terminal, the passport control was at the other end, and the baggage carousels were at... yet another end of the terminal!  OK, three ends, I know.  Eventually my 3 hours of waiting for the next flight were filled with photo-ops

 and a delicious shrimp open-faced sandwich.  $15 well spent (includes tax and tip).  Lucky me the european currencies are weak today.
Knitting a bit here and there, staying on my feet until my gate was posted, noticing the civilized touch of selling candy bars as greeting cards:
What do you want most from your birthday wishes?  I want to eat chocolate!

There were signs for the Eurovision Song Contest which was this week, and Norwegian flags to wave (the 17th of May not long in the past) and abundance of candy for travelers.

Feeling rather sure that if I sat down I would nod off and miss yet another flight, I parked myself at the gate among people sure to notice me as boarding was called.
I awoke to find myself sitting alone!  With a start I turned around, and there were still people in the boarding line... so much for relying on my fellow travelers!
I had been up for 25 hours at this point.

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