Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time for Old and New

I could go another day without comment here, but I should show you that some progress is being made:  Like a few rounds...
Here's the border.  I'm beginning the garter stitch to finish off the edge.  I'm a bit worried that the stockinette part is going to roll, which makes knitters unhappy (especially ME).  In which case, I SHOULD rip it out and do the whole thing in either ribbing or garter.
Here's another shot, showing both the front and back.
I love the look of the Lustra yarn.  It has a lovely sheen!
I guess I'll finish and then decide if I need to redo the border... It really wants to flop forward. Is blocking all it's cracked up to be?

Waiting in the wings (today's project: baby Jasmine cardi), and if I have time:
This has surprised me as being really interesting, and hopefully a successful summer cover-up.
This is probably the most practical of anything I'm working on... it WILL be SUMMER soon!

PS: The border/monkey blanket is perfect for multi-tasking at knit night tonight!

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