Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sew and Woe!!

That does it!  This confirms my notion that knitting is SO forgiving... Make a mistake? Not to worry: Frog it and reuse.  How friendly is THAT?

My poor monkey project... My decision to double the size has led to all kinds of decisions, good and poor:


  1. Increase Dimensions
  2. Useable for stroller
  3. Hole in the center for seat belt
  4. More monkeys (how can that be bad?)
  5. I'm a genius!
  1. Ran out of yarn for background
  2. Ran out of yarn for background (worth 2 numbers of Poor)
  3. Monkeys are freckled with copper
  4. Knitting like a fiend to beat the onslaught of Summer!
  1. Call the LYS for more yarn
  2. LYS going out of business (none available/not ordering more)
  3. We can live with freckled monkeys
  4. Stitch and cut those ##%@$$&*& steeks.
Ah!  Ready for border, but where are all of my US7 circs?  As I start digging and looking for all of those lost unfinished items that probably are hiding my #7's, what do I find in a completely random location (i.e. the bottom of one of my many project baskets)?  A ball of my background color!!  I'm wild with anger.  Can it be used to fix the problem?  Reality sets in as a realize that there's no ripping out once the steeks have been cut.  
I'm bummed.  Grumbling and swearing I'll be better next time at putting ALL of my yarn BACK* in one place, I make the decision to "duplicate stitch" over as much of the freckle area as I can...

Looks like I have more work to do... And it makes me appreciate how much faster knitting is than sewing in stitches.
The sewing of the steeks went quite well.  I was oblivious to what would develop in the following hour.  The long tubes of 36" were stitched almost half way from the bottom then cut open. Then stitched as far as I could manage from the top and cut. Finally I stitched the middle section and cut.  I was pretty happy then, and after a good night's sleep I'm calmer now.

* How did that one little ball get stranded? When I finished a piece and cut the yarn, I started the next piece with a fresh skein, and dropped my leftover ball in the basket.  It's perfectly clear to me now....

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