Monday, April 12, 2010

Picking up MORE Stitches!

Dutifully I spent a lot of time yesterday half watching golf and picking up stitches, my 546 stitches, using all 3 of my longest #7 circular needles.  

Another reality set in:  I have another side of the blanket to do.  This project is made of two flat pieces (a front and a back) knitted together around the edge.  In reality I need to pick up another 546 stitches, and then 3 needle bind them off.  
Problem:  I need more needles...

The call is out, and this morning I'm hoping I'll scramble enough length of #7's to complete the pick ups!  I can think of at least one alternative method of attaching those two pieces, and if I thought a little more, probably more methods that would NOT require so many Circular needles, nor picking up over a thousand stitches.  If I should ever attempt a project like this again... I won't be using this border.

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