Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3 - One Great Knitter!

Pattie!  (I got a little excited and clicked POST when I meant to save it for tomorrow's posting.)

Did anyone doubt that Pattie is the one for me!  Anyone I've met, and especially knitted with, will have heard the words from my mouth: "My friend, Pattie, says..."

Here is the Four Corners Sock Conference:  Sue and Pattie with our sock/mitten projects in 4 states at once!

Somehow, after years of living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and still over 2,000 miles apart, we manage to communicate.  (History: We went to high school together, we are "farmers' daughters, rode the school bus together--I would "save" her a seat, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.)  

But about 15 years ago she showed me a quilt that had been in progress for WAAAY too many years (I tsk-tsk'd her), several wonderful baskets she had woven, AND a knitted shawl.  I fell in love with that shawl, the muted colors of forest greens and a dash of pink, pine trees standing tall along the edge, and yummy feel, (you know what I'm saying) and I was hooked.  She gently snagged me with a few mailed copies of instructions and techniques and it evolved into a religion!  We share our daily devotions via email and when our paths cross--- my friend, Irish Helen, would purchase a ring-side seat!  

As with most amazing people, she's a busy woman, and I (again) tsk-tsk her that she doesn't have the time to real show her work on Ravelry. It's all right. You'll see the MANY wip's. Trouble--uncertainty?  I'll ask my friend, Pattie!

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