Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Ivories/Yarn

My life revolves around Ivories and Yarn but somehow, I've found lots of topics lately that remotely refer to them.  C'est la vie!
And today will probably be one of them:
In my travels of the past week, I carted 3 bottles of champagne across the ocean to a country that taxes alcohol so highly that it was definitely worth the risk of filling my suitcase with liquid and having my clothing soaked.  After all, there would be a washing machine at the other end of my journey!
Upon recommendation and tasting, we have come to enjoy a certain Blanc de blanc, and have convinced ourselves that it truly is champagne without the name. (And it tastes better, too.)  When C decided to have a few friends over after her wedding ceremony, and toast them with champagne, I said I would bring it.  I had original packing materials from the case, so I threw carefully placed the packaging and 3 bottles (legally, 5 liter limit) into my hard sided suitcase, and the hardest part of schlepping the bag was the final 4 city blocks to her apartment.  It was a success!
I'm sure you have already guessed my conundrum!  What to do with the empty space in my returning baggage.  No?  Well, it wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't decided to return with ONE bottle of PIMS, without all of the packaging materials.  Of course the obvious option would be yarn... and I did my best!  I didn't want to purchase yarn because I'm good with my yarn diet.  C presented me with various projects that she doesn't see in her future which included a huge bag of sheep New Zealand wool that was once a pullover.  We bought it in NZ in '98 for her, she's kept it all of these years, and, upon my encouragement, frogged the whole thing.  It was nastier than I had anticipated since it was either cut and sewn at the side seams, or C cut the seams herself... In any case, it looks like this:

It definitely helped take up space, but the last day I purchased the perfect filler:
I love Norwegian toilet paper!  They have lovely patterns of color on them.  I wonder why USA can't do that?  TP is so boring... And before you ask, I don't know why the packaging is in English.  It's not made in England...  In small print on the back, all of the EU countries have a translation of "made in..." address.  Now I'm not so sure it is genuinely Norwegian, but it is definitely Scandinavian.  
Soft, and sturdy!
What a successful trip!

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