Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life in April

Yarn: I promise I won't mention the M. Blanket again, but just letting you know it's resting comfortably in a place where it can be admired by all. Otherwise, I'm occupied by a Lace Tunic which involves constant vigilance on every row, and life lines (and tink'ing, and at the moment a whole section is ripped back 3 rows to the life line). It's a challenge! No distractions, please... DEFINITELY not a project for Knit Night! Ivories: Weekly services at church and the odd job, keep me relatively in shape, while allergy season has affected my sight-reading. Yes, I'm seeing double, my eyes are bloodshot and I wish there was a way to remove them so I could give them a soothing bath! Extra: Today is my 3rd of 4 classes that I am teaching about GPS and Geocaching. This afternoon I'll be "wrangling Senior dudes" in a park. They will be looking for any of 8 caches; the biggest challenge is inputting coordinates into the GPSr's. Anyone else interested? Give me a call!

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