Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down and Up again!

After the last blog, I read the instructions, ALL of the instructions, even the last 2 paragraphs, of my Monkey Blanket.  I'm not too smart; just when I thought I was almost done, I found that the instructions wanted MORE!

I was up to what I thought was my last round of border garter stitch, ready to bind off, when I discovered that all of my apprehension about the border rolling would be solved if I read the instructions.  Instead of there being one layer of border, there are two which go back to back and then bind off.  I bit my lip, pulled out 3 rows of garter, picked up another 546 stitches (but who's counting?), borrowed 2 more circs, knitted a 6 row pattern, and am now 2/3's around the bind off.  FOR REAL!  

It's going to be beautiful...
A partial picture to show the process:

A partial picture to show the finish:
I haven't counted the number of needles I needed, but I'm using at least 9, borrowed from 6 gracious knitters!  Thanks!!

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