Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 - Learning something new!

I like to be surprised...and I guess I get so obsessed with knitting projects that it's only occasionally I stumble upon the fact that there's another way to do things.

Today I'm totally surprised at how awful my cast on USED to be.  Here's a sample: (Click on it for enlarged picture.)

Such is the case with the "Estonian Cast-on". It's beautiful and stretchy. (Think SOCKS!)
I happened to see it in my Knitting Daily email, and now I use it all the time almost all the time!  It's a bit more complicated, since I have to look it up to make sure I'm doing it correctly, but when I do----- It's gorgeous!

I learned from the best: Nancy Bush.  

Then in March, I found a pattern for "cuffs" and it started with Liidia's Braid Cast-On.  It blew me away!  

Who knew that after 50 years of casting on in exactly the same way, there would be such a radical shift in the universe!   (By the way: Have you seen the Stephen Hawking programs about time travel and aliens?  I'm still blinking my eyes with amazement.)

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