Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to the teens! 2010

Yes, I am now 70% accurate when I write the year.  The other 30% I still write a zero and put a one in front of it.  Do you?
The most important welcome is the change in scenery here at this blog.  You missed it if you are tuning in for the first time.  My old layout was a quick excuse to put something up there, but now I have a real theme and variations going on!  Red IS my favorite color; I don't like to admit it, but when I look at my closet and surroundings, I've chosen a lot of red in my life.

Last night was another meeting of the Knit One, Drink Too knit club. You can find us on Ravelry. We socialize and patronize go gah-gah over everyone's work, and nibble and sip. The main topic last night was the size of Girl Scout cookies. Do you have a comment?
The projects last night are in mid to final stages:  Denise is working on a baby blanket that is done is small portable pieces, Bonnie is going like a house a-fire on a baby cardigan, in gorgeous colors, hostess Eileen kept warm (Turn off that fan!) under her shawl (or is that an afghan?), Jenny is excitedly determined to finish her entrelac shawl, having finished the entrelac part and now engaged in the edging which is 9 feet long, Kay is working on her new drop-dead gorgeous cardigan however knitted socks last night so she wouldn't have to go home and rip back on the cardigan (knit night is not conducive to chart reading or concentration), and I am nearing the top of a baby dress in a one year size.
Knit night is more than a knitting support group. There's a lot of mojo and bashing and life support going on.  We have a great time and enjoy each other's company. Waaah! I love you guys!!  It's at my place in 2 weeks. Everyone is welcome:  Bring needles and yarn!

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  1. the only entry I missed was the revamped one-love the new design.

    I decided I'm 7/8 done with the Olympic Knitting-I'm in the last of 8 balls of yarn.


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