Saturday, March 20, 2010


Who has too many hand-knit shawls?  You can ask Mary, Eileen, Kay, Denise, Bonnie and Lynn from my knit group.  They will all answer: YOU DO!  We were talking shawls, and I was trying my best to explain why I like the shawlette pattern by Judy Pascale. Since we were sitting in my living room, I went to my closet and pulled out an example... or two or...dang, but there were 4 without even looking in my cupboard of sweaters. I guess I DO like that pattern. It fits: You put it around you and it doesn't fight gravity to slip off.  
It might seem a little complicated but it's worth it!  And it's only a 4 row repeat... Warning: It is necessary to count your stitches on each side of the mid-point. (I do since I don't focus well when I'm getting distracted multi-tasking.)

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