Sunday, March 7, 2010

Never Finished

How can anyone be "finished" with knitting?  I have so much yarn stashed, and so many ideas, I hope I'll never be finished in my lifetime.  And if I should happen to use up all of my yarn, there's always the closet full of fabric leftover from my quilting days, and if that happens to disappear, I suppose I could set up the loom and...  That's what closets are for!
I vowed I wouldn't buy yarn for a long while... I should have set a date, or at least parameters for my "yarn diet", but alas, I didn't, and an outing to the local yarn shop brought with it the usual temptations.  I had a list which was one project that I wanted to make and I knew it wouldn't work with my stash yarn. And (here I'll blame it on the others I rode with) if the others hadn't been dawdling I would have marched out of there feeling pretty good.

But the longer I spent there, the more I thought about the Cookie A sock book, and how my current stash just doesn't make it with all of its fancy striping and variegated colors. (btw: there are 9 pages of errata for that book) So I found the perfect Shibui Sock yarn for one of her projects in subtle periwinkle.

Meanwhile, I finished my little liza jane dress... Can I wait until June for a birthday? No... What if it fits NOW?
Made in Bee Sweet Bamboo, somebody is going to be so cute!
And look at the yummy buttons I found for it!  Can you see that they are sheep?
One more purchase, which didn't add to my stash was the Interweave Magazine Knitting Traditions, Spring 2010.  Gorgeous inspirations and stories.

And here's some entertainment from NPR: Buttkiss

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