Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More tricks!

I think of all my past projects, and wonder how I got along without the new tricks I learn. Or even more so, I wonder how bad they look compared to how nice things work out with my new techniques.
Here's an example that I got from Knitting Daily today. (Especially see the video.) Honk if you like to weave in ends!  I'm not hearing anything...  That Eunny Jang (editor of Interweave Knits) sure is clever and she probably has clever people working for her too. I can't wait to get to the end of a color or the end of a ball so I can use her method and NOT weave in ends when my project is done.
Can this work with fair isle--carrying the yarn on the backside? The jury is still out, but I'd like to hear your comments and opinions.

What you can do on two 18 hour flights (with plenty of interruptions):
This is another Sock Innovation pattern: Vilai.  I'm in love with the LL Shepherd Sock yarn too!

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