Saturday, February 20, 2010

NOT as I do!

I've been called "intrepid", which is exactly opposite of "perfect".  

I have been knitting merrily noticing that the vest I was working on would never fit me. I tried to convince myself that there was a chance if the blocking could make it increase by 2 sizes...  It didn't.  Looks great on the hanger!

Some concerns about this pattern:
The knitting starts at the back bottom edge and works over the shoulders and down the front.  The wavy lace pattern turns upside down at the shoulder which disturbed me as I was doing the front.  The bottom edge of the back curves the opposite of the front. Only a picky knitter inspector/judge would comment on it.  

Idle fingers... never!  So I pick up a long lost project:  A shawlette that I long ago, I have no record of it.  I started recording my "knittings" in April of '08, so it was probably before that.  So here is another admonishment:  I took it off the needles, and---and--- didn't leave any message to myself about needle size.  Being sock yarn, and intending it to look like lace, I'm not using size 1 or 2, so the guessing begins.  
I picked it up with the new needles at the yellow garter stitch on the left in the picture.  I tried Size 9, 8, 7 and 8.  I finally decided that 8 must be it, and I had a life-line in there in case.  I can now see that the 8's are too big, but not enough to make me rip it back to the life-line. Yes, shawls get bigger towards the bottom, so it's just fine.  
By the way, I LOVE that OPAL cotton and artsy colors.  

If you're having trouble figuring what's what in the picture, the center back neck edge is at the right bottom of the picture (at the point), the circular needle is along the left edge which is the bottom of the shawl.

Uh-oh!  Just opened the knitpicks catalog.  I'm falling in love again!
Miss Marple Socks
And I have just the stash yarn for them!

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