Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We are all reminded of goals when the Olympic Games are around.  A constant reminder that these young people have dedicated huge amounts of their lives to the pursuit of being on a team AND winning a medal.  I often wonder about their disappointments:  Seems the TV makes a lot out of the "disappointment" of not winning gold.  Yet shouldn't they be happy with the goal of reaching the Olympics at all?

I was mightily pressed to sign up for the Olympic Knitting Games, however, I just couldn't face the pressure of casting on something more!  Honesty!  I could have lied about it... but knitters don't lie! Of course, we stretch the truth.  And I probably WILL cast on something and have it finished by the 21st.

I love to cast on... Maybe I'll cast on...

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  1. did I tell you I'm making the Farmer's Market Cardigan (IK fall 2009) for my Olympics knitting? I've learned that if you only knit on one project you make a lot of progress!


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