Friday, January 8, 2010

Lucky me!

Really, not meant with sarcasm, I'm so lucky to be leaving tomorrow morning for Miami and points south (South America, Central America, a few Caribbean islands...).  What more could I ask for? 
Did you see the -13ºC/8ºF on my weather girl?

Not much, since tomorrow marks our 39th wedding anniversary! And it's a Saturday, so the days are even lined up!  I keep thinking my math is off, but it's been quite a crazy 39 years.  I don't ever remember being bored.  When Mick isn't off doing something crazy, he's always been supportive of me when I've had hair-brained ideas that didn't involve him.  What a guy!

Some might say I wasn't so lucky yesterday when I had my hair colored and it turned out something other than I expected... It's probably going to fade before I get used to it in the mirror.  I liken it to Nicole Walker Demera from my favorite soap. ("Nice hair," the other characters said.)  My friends "say" they like it...  but that's what friends are for!

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