Thursday, December 31, 2009

Silent Night

Quiet!  Please....
No need to ask; my guests have departed leaving a vacuum of space and sound, and most of all, a time for knitting.

How little did I knit in the past month?  Very little.  I didn't finish the Advent Socks, but I created and finished a quickie "Little Miss Santa" in less than 24 hours.  I'll try to be more prepared for Christmas Eve NEXT year...  I'm not totally happy with my creation;  I used stash yarn of 100% acrylic (thick: lovely; touch: horrible) with trim in off-white wool.  The end result: Something that looked like it came out of a cedar chest from the '50's.  It worked with the red tights and black shiny shoes.  (Baby's first shoes!)

To accentuate the quiet, we have snow.  Several inches in the past 24 hours:  Wonderful crunchy snow.  The only sound is movement on the snow, of the occasional car, and a few footprints.  My own steps are shockingly loud as I move around the block with my dog. Tonight I awake to the glare of an almost full moon shining through the trees, making a beautiful scene.

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