Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Christmas Eve

The plans have been made and there's no looking back!  Christmas and the holidays are here!  In Norway we say today is "Lille Jul Aften" or Little Christmas Eve.  That should be fair warning that things that aren't done, won't get done, and we'll be fine!

Knitting has taken a serious backseat to sight seeing and eating.  Even the Ivories haven't been tickled a whole lot.  Remembering that I will be playing at least 11 familiar Christmas tunes on Christmas Eve tomorrow night spurred me to task by practicing yesterday and getting my ducks in a row this morning. (Getting ducks in a row is the technical term for putting my music in order so I can flip through a notebook instead of rearranging and looking for the next piece. Very helpful when there are more than 4 or 5 pieces.)  So that's my secret:  I feel organized!

Two days ago I made a trip to Bluff, Utah, to show the Norwegians the beautiful monuments of the area.  They were very impressed first with the long roads that disappeared into the distance.  We turned north then southwest and then west and at every turn they remarked how far and straight the roads are.  They've seen such highways in films but were amazed that they really exist.

When we got home that evening, the rest of the gang were beside themselves trying not to spill the beans about a surprise for the next day, and by early the next morning, with a little nudging, I looked at the front page of the daily paper and there was our little 6 month old granddaughter!  They had been to the library to see the sun come through a solstice window, and the cutest baby was there to play with the marking on the floor...  That's how we celebrate 1/2 year birthdays!

The Advent Calendar of socks remains incomplete.  The most I can hope for is 20 socks.  What are the chances I'll have 24 when I put it away for the year?  The answer:  none.

What are the chances that I will have a red shift ready for baby in 24 hours?  80% chance, or higher if I end the blog here!

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