Thursday, November 26, 2009

Before there was Thanksgiving

Maybe it's because I'm expecting my daughter and a baby very soon. (Remember that surge of energy you had before you delivered?)... I'm a bit crazy.  Maybe I'm stir crazy! (Give me 3 days and no job-related commitments) or... just crazy, my mind is running on fumes!

I'm tanked and ready to go--- Renaissance!  A month ago I committed to attending a friend's "Feaste" today, with the strong option of coming in authentic dress. This morning I went to the closet and pulled out my "matron faire" Renaissance costume.   Probably 10 years ago our chamber orchestra played a gig in costume, and I haven't looked at it since.  I just remember men keeping eye contact with me and that I requested the ladies to alert me if "an apple happened to roll out of the orchard".  

First the amazing part:  With outside help, i.e. my husband, the dress could be zipped up.  The frighteningly tight part is just under the boobs giving me wonderful support, and the rest is very comfy/roomy.  
Second:  I'm adding 3 inches of concealing fabric to avoid costume "malfunction".  Three inches!!  A lot to cover up, yes sir!  You know, older skin just needs a little...concealer.

So with my gown and head piece, and Kransekake in hand... I wish I had a lute...

There were musicians too.  The wooden "lur" was used to signal the many courses.  It was truly a "feaste" and good time.  Most importantly we spent many hours at the table and enjoyed the conversations, huzzah's, and revelry!  A strange planetary site occurred which gave our brains pause:  Two bright objects shot across the sky, one chasing the other!

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